Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our Getaway

Last Friday we decided to tag along with Andy on an out of town consulting job. With harvesting season behind us, Andy is able to be involved in many environmental consulting projects. It is such a financial blessing for our family! Our decision to come with him on this trip was very last minute because I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave Mom just a few days after surgery. But once she was home and settled we talked about it. My parents encouraged me to go, as they don't like it when I am at the farm alone. So, reluctantly, the kids and I packed up and headed for North Carolina.
By Friday evening we were on our sweet Aunt Glenna's porch breathing in the cool mountain air of Asheville. I felt not-up-to-par all day Saturday, a mixture of dieting, stress, and fighting a virus. But I still thoroughly enjoyed our day at our favorite spot. What could be more beautiful than a farm nestled in the Appalachians?
On Sunday we headed south to another job site. Good bye mountains, hello ocean! We spent three restful days in Charleston, South Carolina. If you haven't seen this magnificent city, it is a balmy, coastal town filled with beautiful beaches and oak trees overflowing with Spanish moss. Not to mention the captivating "Carolina Blue" skies. Here is how we were greeted by the city:I loved our time together. We did school in the mornings in the hotel room. Then we were off looking for fun and adventure. We spent a day at Folly Beach... My Josh doesn't like to be bothered with any one else. It's him and the ocean. He's fearless out there in the water.

*Jackson later told me, "Mom, I have always loved Lydie. But today she became my friend." Gush.*

Sometimes I catch moments like the one below. Joshua stops all the swimming and jumping over waves to just take it all in. It's pretty awesome, right buddy?

We walked the streets of Charleston reading plaques and soaking up the rich history and architecture of the city...

And we played at the Children's Museum.

I needed this trip more than I could have known. I feel so refreshed and encouraged. It is good to experience a very special perk of this homeschooling way of life. These road trips, I am sure, will be memories we really treasure as a family in years to come. It felt exciting and adventurous to take off across 5 states and see new places, all while not missing a beat in our schoolwork. This is the freedom I hope to remember on busy days when there is too much to juggle! I am already looking forward to the next road trip.

"The chief aim of the Christian order is to give room for all good things to run wild."
-G. K. Chesterton

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Abby Hutto said...

Two of my favorite places! I love NC in the fall and LOVE Charleston! Fun perks to homeschooling, indeed! Glad you got a break and were able to enjoy the road trip. :)