Friday, October 28, 2011


This week was exceptionally busy. (Do I say that every week?) But I felt such peace and joy in it. I told my friend I was a cheerleader this week, cheering to myself and my family, "Life is a gift!". And it felt like one, even when it didn't look that way. Our activities made our life fast-paced and busting at the seams, but still peaceful. I decided on Sunday to surrender to Jesus everything that I wanted to do that couldn't get done. No fretting. It makes for a happier Mom/wife and a more faithful servant of Christ. There was A LOT that I had hoped to do that I couldn't this week, just like all other weeks. But I enjoyed my time and a lot was accomplished. That's good enough for me! (Why do I have to learn this lesson over and over again? Just being content with what the day can hold? Appreciating the assignments given from God?)

I keep trying to capture what our farm looks like right now, as the colors have peaked for fall. But I can not come close to capturing it with a camera. Maybe there will be time to paint. And our drive to town, under the canopy of colored leaves with pastures full of animals, is so amazing. It's hard not to praise God when you have this 20 minute drive. I often see it as a barrier between myself and my destination. But that is foolish. It's a gift, and I know it as I look around and am forced to be thankful for the beautiful creation God has given me to enjoy. It is nearly impossible to rush past and ignore.

**A few highlights from the week**

My niece turned six last weekend. She had a costume/hayride party. Her snaggle-tooth-smile makes me want to squish her with hugs. She looks like she jumped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

My sweet friend invited us over, along with her neighbors, to a pumpkin carving party. We had a great night meeting new people, roasting marshmallows, playing with other kids, eating, and carving our pumpkin. Thanks, Laura Beth and Harris!

The boys went squirrel hunting this morning. Hello, we live in the country! Andy says squirrels are good "target practice". I wanted to argue. But squirrels are just too creepy for me to defend. Look at my boys. How is it possible to look this cute with Andy's fishing hats on? (They would be mortified that I used the word "cute" to describe them here.) And Jackson's Ghost Busters shirt is awesome. :)

So many of you have emailed me lately. Thank you! I appreciate your prayers for my Mom. She starts chemo on Monday. She had a port inserted this past Monday. I feel like Lydie and I are all too familiar with her hospital now! Please pray for Mom as she starts this very grueling treatment. I don't look forward to her beautiful, thick hair falling out. And I am really praying that her petite, well-manicured finger nails don't fall out as well. After a mastectomy, I imagine it is hard for a lady to give up those things. But she is facing it all bravely and doesn't seem upset yet. Pray for me as I manage my time. I want to be with her during her treatments but I am not sure what to do with my Lydie during that time. Happy fall! I hope whoever is reading is enjoy this beautiful season!!

"Parenting is not so much about instructing people as it is about inviting into Presence."

~Ann Voskamp

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

LOVE this attitude! I'm throwing a pity party for myself at he moment as I battle through a cold...can't get things done like I wish, etc. This is a great reminder, thank you for this.

How is your mom doing?