Monday, October 04, 2010

Trip to the mountains

It's official. I love the mountains more than the beach. My heart is fickle and weak for the clean, sweet air, slow pace, appreciation for arts and crafts and music, and the spectacular views. And I am particularly in love with Asheville, North Carolina. Andy and I used to make a yearly trip there to stay with his precious Aunt Glenna every October. But for various reasons we had not been there in five years! We took advantage of Andy's work trip to Hendersonville, the town next door, and went with him last week. Wednesday evening we packed up dusty jackets from storage, mud boots and play clothes, and our school books and headed for the mountains. We had a wonderful 5 days. These trips are one of my favorite perks of homeschooling. When I feel a little suffocated from being with little people 24/7, I will remember how exhilarating it is to have the freedom to take our school on the road and see the surrounding states together with books in tow.

The perfect family hike: 2.2 beautiful miles

Apple orchard/organic farm trip
Our new favorite restaurant: The Fiddlin' Pig
::Bluegrass, bbq, dancing::

Hamburgers and s'mores in Aunt Glenna's backyard

My FAVORITE antique market: Screen Door

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Alicia said...

We love the Fiddlin' Pig and Cheer Wine! Asheville is so beautiful - I see now why my parents chose to retire there rather than remain in Florida. Glad you had a good time!