Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

The other day the kids and I ran into some new friends from our homeschool support group. The oldest boy in their family is Jack's age. They talked for a minute and wanted to get together some time soon. On the way out I said, "Yes, we should definitely have Houston over for a play date soon. I think you two would have a lot of fun." J's reply was, "Mom, please do not call it a play date any more. Just call it "hangin' out." "
Later that day he made a strange comment to me. We were in the car, of course, and he said, "Mom, I hope I always believe in Jesus." Of course I asked for elaboration. He said, "Well, I have noticed that some of the teenagers at my church are strong Christians until they become teenagers. Then when they need to answer some of the bigger questions in life they act like they quit believing in Jesus. I really don't want that to happen to me." God bless his soul. I love that he is so humble as to not assume he is above doing rebellious things.
We talked about how a person that has a genuine belief in Jesus can not lose their salvation. When really hard things happen, they might make bad choices, rebel, question basic aspects of what they believe. But for the believer, God uses all of these things to draw them closer to Him in His own time. And the Bible says that if we continue to talk about what angers, confuses, and hurts us with God and one another, searching for answers and comfort through His word and prayer, that God will use all things for His glory and our good (and many times He does so without these avenues because of His amazing grace). We will always know that He loves and cares for us because the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. And he replied, "Oh. Well, that's good. I think I believe that, too. Thanks, Mom."
I am beginning to wake up and realize that I am not raising a little boy any more. Although he is about as innocent and naive as a ten year old can be, he is definitely a pre-teen now. Life is gradually changing around here!
*The recent picture above just melts my heart. One minute he is thinking about a childish game, and the next minute he is thinking about the immortality of God. Praying that we can provide a steady, warm, trusting environment for him as he continues to sort it all out.


Jackie said...

He is going to make an awesome teenager! Go into those teenage years with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I think we give teens a bad rap and expect them to do poorly, but we shouldn't. They are just learning to make their faith their own. It's a powerful time of service and personal growth.

I adore my teens and they are truly super human beings. I think that one of the key things that make them such super kids (I have three of them now) is that they aren't allowed to date until they are prepared to be married. This makes the whole dating thing serious business! It cuts out a lot of junk that teenagers deal with on a daily basis. Our textbook: I Kissed Dating Good-bye.

Anyway, my two cents! : )

Renee said...

I love your comments, Jackie! We have discussed dating a lot recently. Jackson has no interest in romance AT ALL, but we have been thinking ahead. I have one girl in my 11th grade discipleship group whose parents have forbid dating until 18. I have really enjoyed the freedom it gives her to be herself, enjoy frienships with no pressure, and to enjoy her own style but not be tempted to "dress to impress" boys. She is one of the most secure, outspoken but warm, strong Christians in our youth group. We still have a lot to pray about. But I really appreciate your thoughts and I have always been interested in that book you mentioned so I might check it out soon. Thanks again!