Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lydia Joy is 8: Fairy party

Lydia Joy had a very special day for her 8th birthday!  She decided months and months ago on a theme of fairies.  We chose a smaller group this year.  I was so worried that someone would feel left out.  But Lydia Joy really cannot enjoy 20 or 30 friends at once.  She asks every year for a smaller group, and I refuse because I am so afraid someone will find out about the party and get her feelings hurt!  This year I sent out invitations to 8 or 9 friends and enclosed a note to please not talk about the party at school!  As far as I know, it worked!  We also invited our sweet 4 girl cousins to join the fun.  And we had a couple of teenage friends come over as helpers.  Lydie felt so loved and celebrated!

The food table

"Fairy acorn" cookies

"Fairy twigs", pixie sticks, and flower-shaped watermelon kabobs

Owls, moss, butterflies
Birds, butterflies, and glitter on her cake...Why not?

We made a fairy wreath to hang above the kitchen table!

Little pop of color in the kitchen

Bunnies, fairies, moss, pinecones and butterflies

Some of the guests painting fairy houses.

The other table was where we made flower headpieces and jeweled fairy wings!

One of Lydie's dearest friends

Mouth watering over the cake!
Singing to our birthday girl!

Make a wish!

Sweet girls

We hunted for fairy jewels and fairy bells in the front yard.

On her actual birthday we went out with family to eat at Cracker Barrel.

It was a sweet 8th birthday!

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