Friday, May 22, 2015

Good bye classroom!

My room was cleaned out and empty by the end of the last day of school.  I sat in there for a long time and prayed and shed a few tears. I am so excited to be at home full time with my children , homeschooling again.  But it is still so hard to leave.  I have loved teaching in this little room. I have LOVED the precious friends and families I met.  It is hard to walk away, even though it is exciting to regain the time for my family. I was just a huge mix of emotions.

 So my husband encouraged me to spend some time alone over the weekend. I went to a local public garden area and soaked up God's beauty and goodness. I just prayed, cried a little, and took some long breaths.  These mixed emotions are a lot.  But I am eager and ready to follow Him!

Love the cross shadow cast on this bench where I was sitting.

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