Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Andy's 40th birthday

 Andy turned 40 on March 3rd.  The kids and I had an idea to celebrate for 40 days.  That was a lofty ideal.  Between Andy's travel, snow and ice, and various illnesses, we missed a bunch of days.  But he did have a lot of celebrations.  We gave him a bunch of little gifts along the way: clothes, basketball tickets, dinners out, candy, etc.  Here are a few...
 College basketball night with all of us

Sushi lunch date with me
Dinner date to the Melting Pot with Lydia Joy
He also went to a Brazilian restaurant and movie with his Dad and brother, the Pita Stop with my parents, and a local bbq restaurant with Jack.  For his gift, his Dad took him on a quail hunt with some men in the family.  I think he had some fun celebrations!  Happy 40th, baby!

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