Monday, March 17, 2014

Revisiting resolutions...progress in February

1. Read a chapter daily in the Bible and another book from my book list, at least. I am doing awful with quiet times!  Prayer and the Word...going to improve, by God's grace!
2. Use my camera often. Blog at least once a week. Much improvement in February.
3. Go on some type of date, even for coffee, with my husband once a month, at least. Yes, I think we have been on a date.  I think I'll plan another one now!
4. Take one of the children somewhere special once a month. Each child gets four special dates.  Joshua and I went to the mall and for dessert.  Lydie and I are going to the SEC gymnastics meet on Saturday.  And Andy and Jack just got concert tickets.  We've finally begun to enjoy some one-one-one time together!
5. Follow my fitness plan. (Use my fitband to follow plan. 40 week challenge) Again, I am most pleased with this area. I have lost 26 pounds since December 26th.  I am exercising each week six times and eating healthy/drinking water.  It has been a huge time commitment to exercise this much, but it will be worth it!  I hope to start the next school year at my ideal weight.
6. Be intentional with extended family relationships. We have had wonderful time with both sides of our family- cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  And soon it will be Easter and then birthday season begins!  There will be many family get-togethers!
7. Spend more "fun time" with friends. Join a Bible study. I had a fun night with friends over spring break, and love working with my close friends every day.  I also have a secret trip planned.  I will not be joining a Bible study until the school year is over.
8. Try 4 big art projects this year.  This area will be neglected until I get to my ideal weight, probably.
9. Complete at least 5 house projects.
-Paint powder room Check!
-Hang chandelier in kitchen and Lydie's room
-Hallway collage
-Master bedroom makeover
-Hang more pictures in basement
*Maybe...paint kitchen cabinets* *
10. Complete all papers for level 1 classical education certification. I am working on it!

-DAILY Bible reading

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