Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Back surgery #2 for Andy

Much to our dismay, Andy had another herniated disc in his back.  He never felt as well as he should and by the end of the summer he was in a lot of pain all the time.  So just before the Disney trip we found out he would need a second surgery.  We were both extremely anxious and disappointed, knowing what this surgery would require.  It takes over 8 weeks for the body to be fully repaired.  It's a big stress on everyone, especially Andy.  But we had no choice.
I took the week off of work and the kids went to the Aunt and Uncle's for the week.  My Mom was the driver who got them to the places they needed to be.  Surgery was on a Tuesday.  The weekend following, my best friend took the kids to Atlanta for the weekend.  Her house is probably their favorite place to go, so this was so fun for them.
We were so thankful for so much help with the children!  That week involved a lot of rest and therapy/healing for Andy.  I stayed at the hospital with him both nights.  So we came home very tired.  I know it was so discouraging for him to go through all of this again.  But thankfully, it went well.  We are hoping this surgery will allow him to live with little to no pain.  Oh, I pray that will be the case!  We received several meals, which were each SO appreciated and needed! By Monday I had to return to work.  But I came home each day after school at 1:00.  Andy was able to get around well enough to make it alone.  By God's grace, we made it through the month until our break at Thanksgiving!  Praying for healing!!

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